• pt-merlot

    1.5L Painted Turtle Merlo...


    Medium-Bodied & Fruity. Red cherries and juicy plums tease the palate for a titillating fruity finish.

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  • pt-pinotgrigio

    1.5L Painted Turtle Pinot...


    Light & Crisp. Crisp tropical fruits and citrus flavours pop for a subtly sweet and fresh finish.

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  • pt-sauvblanc

    1.5L Painted Turtle Sauvi...


    Refreshing & Flavourful. Mouth-watering citrus and peaches frolic about for a crisp and fresh finish. Sip it with spicy chickpea tacos or sushi take-out.

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  • pt-shiraz

    1.5L Painted Turtle Shira...


    Full-Bodied & Smooth. Vibrant cassis, black cherries and plums entice the taste buds with a hint of spice on the finish.

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  • si-merlot

    1.5L Screw It! Merlot


    Red cherries and plums combine with hints of chocolate to create a charmingly fruity finish. Unscrew it with homemade pizza, herb-roasted eggplant with tomatoes and feta or perfectly aged cheddars.

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  • si-pinotgrigio

    1.5L Screw It! Pinot Grig...


    Plump peach and citrus aromas, blend to create this light and crisp Pinot Grigio with a refreshing finish. Unscrew it with your favourite pan-seared seafood choice, artisanal cheeses or perfect for enjoying on its own.

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  • si-sauvblanc

    1.5L Screw It! Sauvignon ...


    Citrus fruit and peach blend in perfect harmony to create a crisp and soft finish. Unscrew it with your favourite grazing selections of fresh veggies and mild cheeses or just as great on its own.

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  • si-shiraz

    1.5L Screw It! Shiraz


    Vibrant raspberry and black currant flavours combine with a subtle hint of spice for a smooth finish. Unscrew it with home-style burgers, ribs, grilled garden veggies or enjoy on its own.

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  • Placeholder

    1.5L Sonora Ranch Caberne...


    Enjoy Sonora Ranch Cabernet Sauvignon on its own or paired with slow roasted meats, sharp cheeses or chocolate desert. Red berry flavours with hints of pepper and a round finish.

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  • sr-chard

    1.5L Sonora Ranch Chardon...


    Straw yellow colour; peachy, melon fruit with smoky notes; light- to medium-bodied and well-balanced-crisp and light

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  • sr-merlot

    1.5L Sonora Ranch Merlot


    Enjoy Sonora Ranch Merlot on its own or paired with steak, grilled vegetables and mild cheeses. Ripe red berries and black cherry flavours with a smooth finish.

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  • 2262-MAG-Mission Ridge Red

    16L Mission Ridge Dry Red...


    Dry and easy drinking with soft cherry fruit flavours.

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  • 2262-MAG-Mission Ridge White

    16L MR Ridge Dry White


    Smooth, dry, medium body with crisp flavours of apple.

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  • compendium

    2012 Legacy Compendium VQ...

    A COMPENDIUM is a compilation of concise items on a subject, in our case,
    the combination of soil, climate, clone selection, and hand- harvesting of grape
    clusters to create this unique wine. The fruit was selected from specifically
    designated blocks within our vineyard estates in Osoyoos (95%) and Oliver (5%)
    where the porous soil forces the vines to search for nutrients. This struggle results
    in elegant and luscious fruit. Following fermentation and extended maceration,
    this wine was aged for 14 months in French oak barrels. 103 barrels produced.
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  • quatrain

    2012 Legacy Quatrain VQA

    2012 QUATRAIN is four lines of verse that we interpret as four varietals giving balance
    and structure to this wine. We painstakingly managed each vine from distinct
    blocks to ensure perfect ripeness and opulent flavours from our vineyard estates in
    eastern Osoyoos (80%) and the Black Sage Bench in Oliver (20%). This unique
    cuvée was fermented in small, specially designed French oak fermenters. It was
    aged in French oak barrels for 14 months. 82 barrels produced.
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  • oculus

    2012 Oculus VQA

    An OCULUS was first used by the Romans in buildings like the Pantheon – a window in a dome or
    wall to the outside. At Mission Hill, our oculus provides the only natural light into our underground barrel cellar, blasted out of volcanic rock that is otherwise hidden from the world. Our complex Oculus Bordeaux-style wine is the result of meticulous selection in the vineyard estate with grapes that have been specifically nurtured for this rare wine. Hand-sorted grapes are gravity-filled into specially constructed French oak fermenters before gently laying the wine to rest in individual barrels. Rich and powerful, this wine was sourced from designated Oculus blocks in our eastern Osoyoos (94%) and Oliver (6%) vineyard estates from low-yielding vines. Aged 14 months in small French oak barrels followed by an additional 15 months in bottle prior to release. 76 barrels produced.
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  • perpetua

    2013 Legacy Perpetua VQA

    2013 PERPETUA means long-lasting…continuous, which represents to our family
    the concept of generations – our roots and our future. 100% harvested from
    three individual blocks in our eastern Osoyoos vineyard estate. Historic French
    Burgundian Dijon clones were used lending a unique flavour and aromatic
    profile. With limited skin contact, a select portion was fermented in new French
    oak, and aged sur lie for nine months with gentle hand-stirring every two weeks.
    42 barrels produced.
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  • pw-AS-okanagantawny

    375mL Prospect Winery Adm...


    Our non-vintage Okanagan Tawny is the color of burnished mahogany. This is an elegant dessert wine with flavours of brown sugar, hazelnut, caramel and exotic spices swirling around a core of fresh grapes and dried fig with a dry finish. This wine has been barrel aged for 15 years.

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  • The-Hub-Social-Club-Red-3L

    3L The Hub Social Club Re...


    Bold. Fruity. Smooth.

    Includes 10 Reusable cups!

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  • The-Hub-Social-Club-White-3L

    3L The Hub Social Club Wh...


    Crisp. Zesty. Bright.

    Includes 10 Reusable cups!

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