• 1.5L Painted Turtle Sauvi...


    October Case Club – 6 bottles for $72.00 + tax    SAVE 23%
    Refreshing & Flavourful. Mouth-watering citrus and peaches frolic about for a crisp and fresh finish. Sip it with spicy chickpea tacos or sushi take-out.

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  • B|3 Pinot Noir, BC VQA

    $13.89 $11.89

    2 for $20
    Our lush Pinot Noir captures the flavours of strawberries, cherries, rose petals and fresh rosemary.

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  • Painted Turtle Merlot


    October Case Club – 12 bottles for $84.00 + tax    SAVE 20%
    Medium-Bodied & Fruity. Red cherries and juicy plums tease the palate for a titillating fruity finish.

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  • Prospect Winery Census Co...


    Our Chardonnay is a treat for Chardonnay lovers! Luscious ripe apple and pear notes linger with a rich long finish. The wine is elegant and achieves amazing balance between fruit and oak.

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  • Rootstock Pinot Gris VQA


    October Case Club – 12 bottles for $126.00 + tax    SAVE 34%
    Farmed on several blocks at our vineyard estate, the temperature swings in that region yield ripe fruit with bright acidity. Perfect for Pinot Gris. Our wine entices your taste buds with ripe apricot and honeysuckle aromatics. Flavours of pear, pineapple, and white peach are balanced by a firm acidity that results in a wine with tantalizing harmony. In a word – crisp.

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  • Tangled Vine Mablec Merlo...


    October Case Club – 12 bottles for $78.00 + tax    SAVE 26%
    Rich plum and blackberry notes intertwine with cherry and cocoa flavours for a successful finish.

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  • Wine O’Clock Sauvig...


    A refreshingly crisp wine with flavours of sweet melons and citrus fruits. It’s a bright and lively wine with a clean finish.

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