• B|3 Pinot Noir, BC VQA


    August Case Club – 12 bottles for $120 + tax   SAVE 28%
    Our lush Pinot Noir captures the flavours of strawberries, cherries, rose petals and fresh rosemary.

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  • Prospect Winery Census Co...


    Our Chardonnay is a treat for Chardonnay lovers! Luscious ripe apple and pear notes linger with a rich long finish. The wine is elegant and achieves amazing balance between fruit and oak.

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  • White Bear Spirit Bear VQ...


    August Case Club – 12 bottles for $72 + tax   SAVE 51%
    Unoaked. Crisp and refreshing with bright citrus and pineapple notes.

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  • Wine O’Clock Sauvig...


    July Case Club – 12 bottles for $84 + tax  SAVE 37%
    A refreshingly crisp wine with flavours of sweet melons and citrus fruits. It’s a bright and lively wine with a clean finish.

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  • Wine O’clock Shiraz...


    August Case Club – 12 bottles for $84 + tax   SAVE 26%
    A fruit-forward Shiraz bursting with flavours of juicy blackberry and black cherry, with a hint of spice. Smooth with a well-balanced finish. Timely pairings include sharp cheese, grilled seasonal veggies and marinated steak.

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