Diabolica Reincarnation Red VQA


Bourbon Oak-Aged to add unique flavours of vanilla, smoky caramel, & spice… resulting in a smoother longer finish.
Rich, Big, & Robust, bursting with rich berry flavours. Tempt your senses, and discover a unique twist to wine.

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Bourbon Oak-Aged. This is not your ordinary wine. It is meant to tempt your senses.
Reincarnated from their former life, Bourbon Oak barrels inspired our winemaker to toil with a
unique Bourbon Oak aging process. This winemaking technique results in more complex
flavours, with hints of vanilla, caramel, spice, & smoke with a smoother longer finish.
Red Wine Specs

Somedays, our winemaker is easily distracted and we love that about
him. It’s that creative, free spirit that doesn’t always adhere to the
rules that we wanted for this unique Bourbon Oak-Aged red wine
blend. Attention to detail mixed with creativity, experience, and
great taste buds. A touch of this, a smidge of that, tasting, re-tasting,
and voilà, a devilishly delicious wine. Then, he did a second oakaging
in Bourbon oak to impart rich vanilla, caramel, spice and
smoke notes and to give you a smoother longer finish. This wine is
big, yet approachable, and will tempt you into wanting more

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Bottle Size

750 ml


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